AppMac Announces Three New Gecko-Based Browsers for OS X

Thursday February 27th, 2003

Tristan Nitot writes: "Three (yes, 3!) new Gecko-based browsers for Mac OS X were announced today by AppMac.

"wKiosk 2.0 is for public internet terminals. wKids 1.0 is for kids and includes a simplified UI, a white/black list system for URLs and runs in full screen mode. wDesk 1.0 is for professional use and includes filters and admin tools to limit non-professional usage.

"Evaluation versions are available on their web site, along with screen shots. By using OS X's Unix foundations and Gecko stability, AppMac expects excellent MTBF (e.g. at least a full week), which is a must for a system to provide public access to the Internet."

#1 So far not so good.

by beg_ne

Thursday February 27th, 2003 6:07 PM

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Only tried this for a few minutes so far, and my impression is that I'm not very impressed with it so far.

When i tried out the tabs I opened up a new tab then decided to go back to the previous tab, this immedately caused the tabs to become unresponsive.

Then all of the navigation buttons and address bar disappeared for seemingly no reason leaving nothing more than a blank pinstripe background.

Those are the two major problems so far. Other gripes aside from those are

1. The navigation bar / Address bar area is horribly large eating up about 1/3 of the vertical space on my iBook.

2. Why would anyone pay for a browser, especially when Chimera and Mozilla are both free and use the same engine?

3. I wouldn't exactly call this a "pro browser" it's options are about as if not more sparse than what Safari has.

This just seems like a really buggy unstable version of Mozilla/Chimera that wants money for it. And just as I type this, "wDesk has unexpectedly quit." It wasnt even doing anything at that time other than sitting on the wDesk homepage. Guess it's time to place this app in the trash.