Browser FUD

Monday December 28th, 1998

Ben Gertzfield writes in with a link to some intriguing misinformation.

"In the December 1998 issue of Network Magazine," writes Ben, "there is an article entitled 'Skirmishes in the Browser Wars' available online here (free registration required) that seems to be severely misinformed.

A few relevant quotes:

'Microsoft's Internet Explorer 5 (IE5) is a bit farther along than Netscape's Communicator 5...(Note that I'm using the present tense for IE5 because you can run the alpha now, and the future tense for Mozilla 5 because there's nothing yet for a user to download and run.)'

and 'Netscape Communication's Communicator 5...should be able to decompress graphics faster than previous versions by exploiting Intel's Pentium MMX extensions.'

Yikes -- this is the first I've heard of both of these. Alan Zeichick is the author of this article; perhaps we should contact him and let him know all about mozillaZine and fetchBuilds :)"

#4 Re:Browser FUD

by jdwayside <>

Wednesday December 30th, 1998 8:16 AM

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I can't believe I wasted the time to register just so I could read this piece of tripe. What little actual factual information the article contains is months out of date. The rest is mostly Marketing Noidspeak. Would it violate Netscape's Terms of Use if I emailed this clown about twenty copies of the Gecko Developer Pre-release? ;-)