Tree Branches for Mozilla 1.3

Saturday February 22nd, 2003

Yesterday, the tree was branched in preparation for the final release of Mozilla 1.3. Checkins to the 1.3 branch are being tightly controlled by Meanwhile, the trunk has been reopened for 1.4 Alpha development. See the Roadmap for more details and tinderbox for the current status of the 1.3 branch and the trunk. A list of bugs blocking the 1.3 release is also available.

#67 Re: Shutting up-Ignore above post, I've been out o

by asa <>

Monday February 24th, 2003 11:42 PM

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"Never post when both frustrated and low on sleep "

I know the feeling. You've been posting at mZ for several years, right? I think it's nearly impossible not to just blow a gasket rant every so often. I figure we're owed at least one or two a year :-)