Tree Branches for Mozilla 1.3

Saturday February 22nd, 2003

Yesterday, the tree was branched in preparation for the final release of Mozilla 1.3. Checkins to the 1.3 branch are being tightly controlled by Meanwhile, the trunk has been reopened for 1.4 Alpha development. See the Roadmap for more details and tinderbox for the current status of the 1.3 branch and the trunk. A list of bugs blocking the 1.3 release is also available.

#23 Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: A missing DHTML bug

by bzbarsky

Saturday February 22nd, 2003 11:16 PM

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The key difference between using visibility and using "src" is that with "src" the mousedown and mouseup happen on the same image. So you get a click on that image and the click bubbles up to the anchor. With visibility, you get a mousedown on one image, then a mouseup on a _different_ image. So there is no click event.

The key issue here is that in the DOM event model the "click" event is not actually dispatched at the anchor but at the innermost node being clicked on. The only reason the anchor sees it is that the click event bubbles (and a event handler on any node between the anchor and the image could make the anchor not see it by cancelling the event).

So while this may look like a very similar setup for a page designer (I can see that side of things, certainly) from a UA implementation standpoint the two cases are very different.... fixing this may need a significant rewrite of how events are handled in Mozilla. I do think that we should make this case work; just not sure how yet....