Tree Branches for Mozilla 1.3

Saturday February 22nd, 2003

Yesterday, the tree was branched in preparation for the final release of Mozilla 1.3. Checkins to the 1.3 branch are being tightly controlled by Meanwhile, the trunk has been reopened for 1.4 Alpha development. See the Roadmap for more details and tinderbox for the current status of the 1.3 branch and the trunk. A list of bugs blocking the 1.3 release is also available.

#10 Re: Re: A missing DHTML bug

by jvlb

Saturday February 22nd, 2003 6:27 PM

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Were it not such a fundamental function, the execution of a hyperlink, I might agree (though in so doing, I would, perforce, be relegating myself to "no one" status). Links are the bread and butter and the meat and potatoes of the Internet. For a browser that touts standards compliance to not execute a link in valid markup is, unfortunately, a significant indictment against said browser. There is a major push to get developers to use CSS in place of JavaScript to streamline pages and simplify maintenance. Minimizing the importance of this bug is to minimize the importance of that movement and the standards upon which it is based. The reality is, people may very well be encountering this bug and simply writing off Mozilla and going back to IE. In summation, I believe it is in everyone's best interest that this bug be addressed before a new version of the browser is finalized. I have a hard time imagining splash screens being more important than basic functionality.