Google Zeitgeist Browser Stats Now Recognise 'Netscape 5.x'

Thursday February 20th, 2003

FriedEgg writes: "'Netscape 5.x' (Mozilla based browsers) are now listed separately in the Google Zeitgeist, and no longer grouped into 'Other'."

Targeted at members of the press and the curious, Google Zeitgeist offers regular statistics on the trends, patterns and surprises found by analysing Google search data. Following on from a discussion in our forums, MozillaZine reader jgraham has been in touch with Google, who say that 'Netscape 5.x' represents "all versions of Netscape 5.0 and newer and anything that uses Gecko."

Update! Zak adds: "'s latest stats (released at beginning of Feb) show that for the first time, Mozilla has a higher share than NS4 (compare with the previous month's stats)."

#22 Designing for IE

by tepples <>

Friday February 21st, 2003 5:24 PM

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What about the fact that IE and Mozilla can't use the same plug-ins? Mozilla uses np*.dll and XUL jars, while IE uses ActiveX controls.

What about IE's inability to view MNG animations out of the box?

What about the errors in IE's interpretation of CSS, especially relating to whether or not the border and padding are included in the box dimensions? W3C says they MUST NOT but IE includes them anyway.

What about the fact that instead of interpreting XHTML sent as application/xhtml+xml as XHTML, IE 5 and 6 both display a source tree view?