Mozilla: The Browser with Everything and the Kitchen Sink

Wednesday February 19th, 2003

For years, many of Mozilla's detractors have complained that Mozilla is too bloated with useless features. "Mozilla has everything but the kitchen sink," they retort. Well they're wrong because the kitchen sink will soon be coming to a Mozilla browser near you!

Makali writes: "A patch for Bug 122411 got a super-review today meaning that Mozilla (and presumably the next release of Netscape) will now have a kitchen sink. While in good humour and a rather cute touch, this does make me wonder how much time developers spend adding features of dubious value to our favourite browser when it still doesn't correctly support HTML 4.01." Makali offers up bug 915 as an example of a long-standing standards-compliance bug. Please remember that this bug, like all bugs, doesn't need to be spammed with useless comments.

#26 Re: *yawn*

by bcortez <>

Thursday February 20th, 2003 12:34 PM

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This "chill out" and "do it yourself" attitude is the reason I have to try to continually attempt to convince customers that Mozilla is worth the wait. In the corporate world, people are not using Mozilla because of it's lack of some key, base, HTML bugs. Their attitude is, if they can't get that right, what else is under the covers? This is a daily reality that I fight against. I have been championing the Mozilla effort out here in the field for going on 4 years now, and have numerous bugs reported that remain unfinished because of this attitude. <flame off> I apologize for the rant, but I simply cannot hold it in any longer.