Thank You!

Wednesday February 19th, 2003

Following on from our appeal for donations, MozillaZine is pleased to announce that we have received enough money to cover our most recent annual hosting bill of US$990. A big thank you to everyone who donated. We really appreciate it.

If you haven't donated yet, don't let the fact that we have reached our target put you off. Donations are welcome all year round. The more money we get now, the longer it will be until we have to do this again. We are also looking into PayPal alternatives and hope to have additional donation systems up and running soon. For now, you can make a donation by buying vastly overpriced stickers from our store. If you purchase a rectangular sticker MozillaZine will receive $5, an oval sticker will make us $10 and a bumper sticker will add $20 to our funds.

Once again, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to everyone who donated. We wish all our readers the best and hope that you continue to enjoy MozillaZine.

#1 expensive web hosting

by DieHappy <>

Wednesday February 19th, 2003 2:35 PM

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$990/yr for webhosting? that seems a bit expensive. What all do you get for this price?