Former Galeon Maintainer Starts New Epiphany Browser Project

Wednesday February 19th, 2003

The former maintainer of Galeon, Marco Pesenti Gritti, recently started a new project to develop a Mozilla-based GNOME browser called Epiphany. The project's goal is to build an end-user browser that is simple, standards-compliant, follows the GNOME HIG 1.0 and integrates tightly with the GNOME desktop environment.

WriteTheWeb's Edd Dumbill has a review of Epiphany in its current developmental state and has an article about the browser with more information, including a screenshot. Thanks to spark for the news and links.

Update! CNET has a story about the upstart browser.

#7 once you start writing code...

by joschi

Thursday February 20th, 2003 12:17 PM

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then you can bitch about what libraries are used in an app. aparently you dont understand what "components" are... using one component from nautilus does not mean you are loading all of nautilus.