Former Galeon Maintainer Starts New Epiphany Browser Project

Wednesday February 19th, 2003

The former maintainer of Galeon, Marco Pesenti Gritti, recently started a new project to develop a Mozilla-based GNOME browser called Epiphany. The project's goal is to build an end-user browser that is simple, standards-compliant, follows the GNOME HIG 1.0 and integrates tightly with the GNOME desktop environment.

WriteTheWeb's Edd Dumbill has a review of Epiphany in its current developmental state and has an article about the browser with more information, including a screenshot. Thanks to spark for the news and links.

Update! CNET has a story about the upstart browser.

#6 Browser Golden Age

by myklgrant

Wednesday February 19th, 2003 7:31 PM

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It seems like we are having something of a Golden Age of Browsers, mostly thanks to the Mozilla Project (and dislike of MS). All theses Gecko-based browsers (and others) can only improve the Internet experience for everyone. More standards compliance, more choice, more interesting ideas and features is definitely a good thing. I say "the more the merrier". Just a thought. MIchael