Former Galeon Maintainer Starts New Epiphany Browser Project

Wednesday February 19th, 2003

The former maintainer of Galeon, Marco Pesenti Gritti, recently started a new project to develop a Mozilla-based GNOME browser called Epiphany. The project's goal is to build an end-user browser that is simple, standards-compliant, follows the GNOME HIG 1.0 and integrates tightly with the GNOME desktop environment.

WriteTheWeb's Edd Dumbill has a review of Epiphany in its current developmental state and has an article about the browser with more information, including a screenshot. Thanks to spark for the news and links.

Update! CNET has a story about the upstart browser.

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by brown_r

Wednesday February 19th, 2003 12:54 PM

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I'm definitely curious about this new browser. It looks good, though so does Galeon. I would be using Galeon now, but I can't get it to work properly with any xft enabled version of Mozilla. I got it pretty much working once and it looked beautiful and ran fine. Then it suddenly started throwing up an infinite number of windows on startup. Back to using Mozilla. BTW, I'm currently using RedHat 8.0. What I'm wondering here is why Galeon doesn't statically link in the Mozilla libraries (like Phoenix and K-Meleon) and whether Epiphany will dynamically link in the Mozilla libraries. I know it is nice for memory consumption to use shared libraries, but since Mozilla isn't exactly stable (as in still changing) and the browser is pretty finicky about which Moz version is installed (at least Galeon is), it just doesn't seem prudent. I'm somewhat of a Linux newbie. Is this not possible to do under Linux? Is there a reason why statically linking in the Mozilla libs is bad?