Netscape 7.02 Released

Tuesday February 18th, 2003

Netscape Communications Corporation has released Netscape 7.02, a minor update that fixes a few security and stability bugs. This new version, which is based on Mozilla 1.0.2, also features updated Java and Flash plug-ins for Windows. Netscape 7.02 is available for download from Netscape's web site. More information can be found in the revised Release Notes.

#8 Differences?

by Jack_Comics

Tuesday February 18th, 2003 10:10 PM

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Are there any major differences between Mozilla 1.0.2 and Netscape 7.02 besides the Netscape branding and such? I.e. are there more stability improvements and security fixes in Netscape 7.02 than Mozilla 1.0.2? Thanks.