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Sunday February 16th, 2003

It's time to bail out MozillaZine again! If you think MozillaZine is a valuable community resource, please consider donating to us. While other organisations looking for donations may be happy to accept time, equipment or expertise, we're looking for cold hard cash.

If you donate to MozillaZine, you will help to ensure that we can continue to provide the Mozilla community with up-to-the-minute news, first class forums and informative developer weblogs. If you don't donate to MozillaZine, the Mozilla community could just be left with bug counts and bad grammar.

Our preferred way of receiving donations is via PayPal. Use one of the buttons that appear on each page. Think big numbers. If you prefer to receive something tangible for your cash, there's also our store but that doesn't make us nearly as much money.

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#62 transparency spawns donations, i think

by bulbul <>

Tuesday February 18th, 2003 10:43 AM

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Your income and balances would require periodic updating (not necessarily weekly, how about monthly?). Did you look at the AbiWord link i gave as an example? They post how much money is "in the kitty" and what donations they've received that week. I'm only suggesting this because i think that such transparency would encourage donations. As it stands, MozillaZine has a "donate" button, but there's no indication anywhere on the site as to how much money it takes to run the site, what the money is used for, and whether money is actually needed or is in surplus at any given time.

Please don't take my suggestion as whining. I have already made donations this year and last, and i have purchased merchandise through the store. I just think that being up front about expenses and balances would encourage more people to donate. Few people probably realize how much it really costs to run this site. Even public television and radio stations, during pledge drives, state goals (that is, specific targeted amounts) and periodic updates on progress towards meeting those goals. They must do this because it works.