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Sunday February 16th, 2003

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#34 Nested comments and other suggestions

by superyooser

Monday February 17th, 2003 2:33 PM

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I second that! Right now, I'm opening a new tab for each thread. Lots of bandwith could be saved if all the content could be on one page, orderly and nested. Why doesn't MZ use something like Slash code: <> ? If posters could preview their comments, they wouldn't have to repost them with corrections (mainly for botched links and lack of line breaks).

There are lots of ways that MozillaZine could conserve bandwith. (1) Allow nested comment display (as mentioned above). (2) Detect Gecko-based and IE5+ user agents, and serve up a CSS-formatted page instead of using all those font tags. (3) Fix the issue that results in multiple posts of the same comment. (4) Use b (bold) tags instead of strong tags. They are rendered exactly the same. It's only a few bytes saved here and there, but being downloaded 7 million times a month, it can make a difference. (5) Implement a system like Slashdot that defines all those features on the sidebar (MZ links, Google search, links, poll, older news) as slashboxes, which logged-in members can choose to turn off. (6) Advertisements. Why not? It wouldn't bother me a bit, as long as they're not wildly flashing psychadelic colors like those x10 camera ads. I click on ThinkGeek ads sometimes. They have lots of cool stuff.