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Sunday February 16th, 2003

It's time to bail out MozillaZine again! If you think MozillaZine is a valuable community resource, please consider donating to us. While other organisations looking for donations may be happy to accept time, equipment or expertise, we're looking for cold hard cash.

If you donate to MozillaZine, you will help to ensure that we can continue to provide the Mozilla community with up-to-the-minute news, first class forums and informative developer weblogs. If you don't donate to MozillaZine, the Mozilla community could just be left with bug counts and bad grammar.

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#11 my opinion

by NXprime

Monday February 17th, 2003 12:56 AM

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If I may present my opinion on this subject, please. I am trying not to be rude at all but I wanted to say a few things. If you need money you really should place some ads. Asking people for money or setting up store items to make profit never works. Hell, I didn't even know about that store until today. :)

It'll be sad to see you go. This is the first sign of serious trouble. I've been wanting to donate to several sites but I lost my job and have no money. What I've seen since then is some of them make deals with companies to stay afloat(i.e. Shacknews with Speakeasy & AMD). However most others shut the sites down. :/ Guys just do that and sign up with AOL or something. You support some of their products, correct? Dumb question for sure and I'm sorry, but had to ask why you haven't yet done that.

There's no point to donations at this point. Right now I don't give money because it's the wrong situation to do it in. What if I give $50 and you shut the site down in 3 months? It's too risky an investment in that context. I'd rather donate to EXPAND the site to let it prosper more as long as I know it's going to stay around. That's important to me.

So here's your options.

A. Hope u get enough through paypal only constantly for like what? 5 years? B. Put properly targeted ads on the site that would interest members. OMG! Do a Shacknews thing and ask people to fill out a anonymous profile! Ad companies love those thingies :) C. Strip the site of all bandwidth things like forums, polls.... etc. D. Merge with another website. Hint, has a lot your news items on it anyway. Just ask them if they'd like more news events on the site plus user feedback. I've always thought of this site as an extendtion of anyway :) E. Close the site

It's your choice. I've seen too many sites ask for donations. Subscription base the forums or something. Do that first before asking for donations. Usually that should be a last resort. Again that's just my personal opinion. Yes I know that I don't know the whole situation for this site. I understand that but just wanted to say this anyway. Sorry. :/ Although my thinking makes me believe you guys don't have time to set anything up like that which in case it would make sense for this website to leave.

For me I come here for news only. I used to read opinions of Mozilla releases but rarely read them anymore. My interest is what will happen next for Mozilla and how these side projects (chimera, phonix... ect) will affect it plus what new features will be added that would convince me to use Mozilla instead. All these recent releases don't impress me much. A new interface is definately needed where there are no damn msgbox popups. "Cannot connect to site". Geeez, just create a warning area bar and leave it like that. Or how about this? Why do we have 2 bookmark editing areas? One on the sidebar and bookmark manager. Dude. Pick one and stick with it. I'd love to see EVERYTHING tossed into the sidebar. For consistencies sake. Preferences, bookmarks, and any other options. The currect preference menu makes me want to puke. It's cute how some sub directy names can't be completely seen on the left side. Privacy & security --> Master Passwo.... Ahem. Just plain stupid. Simple common interface. That's all I ask. Hehe, oh well. /rant :)