Geneva Tax Authorities Distribute Mozilla 1.2.1 to Taxpayers

Saturday February 15th, 2003

The German Heise magazine is reporting that all taxpayers in the Swiss canton of Geneva are being given a CD which includes a French version of Mozilla 1.2.1. The CD also includes GEtax 2002, a tax declaration program, and 1.0.1.

Though the Heise article is in German, a rough English translation is available courtesy of Google. Thanks to johann_p for the news.

#5 Hardly

by mesostinky

Saturday February 15th, 2003 12:09 PM

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"Yes, it takes 35-45 seconds to start, so it allows me to go and get coffee, knowing that nothing is happening to my computer."

You must have a really slow computer. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but on any recent hardware its not nearly that long. On my XP1900 it take 16 seconds to launch fully in linux. On windows you can have OpenOffice preloaed in memory like MS office does and than it launches very quickly. Even if you don't preload it like MS Office, future launches happen much quicker than the initial one.