Geneva Tax Authorities Distribute Mozilla 1.2.1 to Taxpayers

Saturday February 15th, 2003

The German Heise magazine is reporting that all taxpayers in the Swiss canton of Geneva are being given a CD which includes a French version of Mozilla 1.2.1. The CD also includes GEtax 2002, a tax declaration program, and 1.0.1.

Though the Heise article is in German, a rough English translation is available courtesy of Google. Thanks to johann_p for the news.

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by Z_God

Saturday February 15th, 2003 4:20 PM

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You should try it out once. I switched from Word 2000 after having used every version of Word from 6.0 to StarOffice 5.2. It has a couple of features such a complete long words as you type that can really save a lot of time. Also with some things such as creating and editing tables in Word it took me often many tries to get things correctly and sometimes I couldn't even get it correct at all. I've encounter such problems much lesser in StarOffice/OpenOffice. You should try creating all your documents with it for some time and see if you like it, if not you should go back to MS Office.

Also these days, I do not see many computers sell with MS Office included. They mostly come with MS Works, StarOffice or WordPerfect.