Performance Comparison of Mozilla 1.3 Beta and Safari v60

Friday February 14th, 2003

Mac bystander writes: "Interesting article comparing Mach-O Mozilla 1.3b on OS X to the new Safari beta. Sounds like the whole perf thing is not as clear-cut in that comparison as it is when comparing Safari to Chimera (off the 1.0 branch) or Netscape 7 (1.0 branch) on a broadband in-lab connection... ;)"

#41 Re: Not an accusation just questioning re: troll. eom

by marmoset

Monday February 17th, 2003 12:54 PM

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Code footprint directly influences things that end-users do care about: launch time, swap usage (which impacts the performance of the entire machine), etc. Personally, it makes me feel good to see developers like BZBarsky taking time to care about optimization. Developers on other projects I've dealt with in the path are often quite appreciative when you can help them isolate memory leaks and increase efficiency. The application heap of product I was beta testing would balloon to several hundred megabytes in size when a particular combination of launch conditions were met, and the developer was able to dramatically improve the memory handling of his application in just a few hours because users cared enough to send him test cases and sample data. He was quite happy about it.