Performance Comparison of Mozilla 1.3 Beta and Safari v60

Friday February 14th, 2003

Mac bystander writes: "Interesting article comparing Mach-O Mozilla 1.3b on OS X to the new Safari beta. Sounds like the whole perf thing is not as clear-cut in that comparison as it is when comparing Safari to Chimera (off the 1.0 branch) or Netscape 7 (1.0 branch) on a broadband in-lab connection... ;)"

#35 Re: What KHTML-code is from Mozilla ?

by gadeiros <Harald@Henkel.DAH.UUnet.DE>

Sunday February 16th, 2003 4:00 AM

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"Well, lessee.... The view system (handling of z-index, opacity, etc) was entirely copied from Mozilla (such that hyatt felt he had to put every single Mozilla developer who has ever touched the relevant code in the Safari acknowledgements). The doctype-switching that apple implemented is entirely copied from the Mozilla code in nsParser.cpp (or so hyatt says). Those are two concreted code examples I know about."

I searchhed all the sources of KHTML of KDE 3.0.5 and didn't find any reference to code copied entirely from Mozilla, beside one function, which might belong to the doctype-switching.

Are you saying, KDE developpers copied code from Mozilla without giving any credit for this ?

" Further, there is the benefit of implementation experience that hyatt brings to the table (eg he's planning on revamping the style system to be more along the line's of Gecko's; this is the _second_ style system Gecko has had; the first one proved to be too inefficient)."

Well, sure Mozilla developpers have more experience with browsers, HTML, CSS, etc. After all Mozilla is "only" a browser suit, while KDE is a complete GUI system, including lots of applications.

I thought, OpenSource is also about code reuse...

" Mozilla cannot use KHTML code because it is all GPL and only GPL; Mozilla must be able to ship under other licenses as well. Mozilla's dual GPL/MPL license, on the other hand, is a lot less restrictive. So Safari can use any Mozilla code it wants, but not vice versa."

OK. But maybe, redistributing parts of that code under another license might be just a matter of asking the corresponding developpers for permission...

BTW, I don't really believe, that anybody took complete functions from one system to the other, because the class structure is propbably quite different and "incompatible". And copying ideas of how things should get done, cannot be prevented by licenses. It's a different matter, if I give "others" credit for the ideas, though...