Performance Comparison of Mozilla 1.3 Beta and Safari v60

Friday February 14th, 2003

Mac bystander writes: "Interesting article comparing Mach-O Mozilla 1.3b on OS X to the new Safari beta. Sounds like the whole perf thing is not as clear-cut in that comparison as it is when comparing Safari to Chimera (off the 1.0 branch) or Netscape 7 (1.0 branch) on a broadband in-lab connection... ;)"

#33 Re: further adventures in footprint

by bzbarsky

Saturday February 15th, 2003 9:23 PM

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It's a big <pre>. Each line of code has an <a name="900" href="/seamonkey/source/layout/html/style/src/nsCSSFrameConstructor.cpp#900"> (or whatever the line number is) on the number. Then it's just text. The links are done in the obvious way; the italics are <i>

I think this example reinforces something some people have been saying for a while now about Mozilla -- that a large chunk of the footprint is actually static code footprint -- just the size of the CODE segment of the libraries.

There's a good deal of ongoing work to reduce this (though the efforts are having mixed success at best, as you can see if you look at the corresponding graph on Tinderbox....)