Performance Comparison of Mozilla 1.3 Beta and Safari v60

Friday February 14th, 2003

Mac bystander writes: "Interesting article comparing Mach-O Mozilla 1.3b on OS X to the new Safari beta. Sounds like the whole perf thing is not as clear-cut in that comparison as it is when comparing Safari to Chimera (off the 1.0 branch) or Netscape 7 (1.0 branch) on a broadband in-lab connection... ;)"

#2 Re: Just wait...

by bzbarsky

Friday February 14th, 2003 8:47 AM

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I don't think Mozilla has a greater developer base.... how many people are working on the core KHTML renderer? How many are working on the core Gecko renderer?

Additionally, diving into KHTML development is somewhat easier (the code is simpler). Which is unfortunate.