Full Article Attached European Mozilla Developers Meeting 2003 Notes and Slides

Thursday February 13th, 2003

The Mozilla Developers Meeting in Europe 3.0 took place at FOSDEM 2003 in Brussels last weekend.

Notes and slides from several of the talks are now online, including Building Mozilla Applications from Brian King, Getting started with Mozilla's C++ Sourcecode from Kai Engert, The Bitflux Editor and Mozilla from Christian Stocker (a related weblog post is also available), Localization (L10n): Achievements and Future Directions from Robert Kaiser, Native Database Support from Jan Varga, Advanced Bugzilla Use: A Hacker's Guide from Gervase Markham and CaScadeS and Creating an XUL+JS Based Mozilla Extension from Daniel Glazman.

A selection of photos is also online, courtesy of Bitflux's Christian Stocker. In addition, Brian King has posted a brief overview of the event to the EU mailing list and newsgroup ( on

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by deelan

Friday February 14th, 2003 2:20 AM

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that birflux thing is very impressive. i'm thinking to play around wih midas editor (coming in 1.3 release) and recycle some ideas from bitflux. the downside is that i find the demo (<>) pretty slow on my 1.4Ghz machine. maybe integrating the whole thing with midas would speed up things abit more. however nice one.