Qt Toolkit Support Likely to be Dropped from Mozilla

Wednesday February 12th, 2003

dasx writes: "Looks like the Qt port of Moz is going under. It's been stricken from the 1.3b branch — which probably means it's gone for good. Hopefully, some of us can bring it back to life." Please don't spam the bug with useless comments or whining.

Update! A page describing the current efforts to get the Qt port back to a working state has been posted.

#5 Re: Re: Why would we need this?

by Psiren

Thursday February 13th, 2003 3:03 AM

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AFAIK, the GTK filepicker etc is not used in Mozilla. It's all done with XUL, which uses GTK as its backend toolkiit. I wouldn't have thought that using QT would make much difference in this respect, unless the idea is to not use XUL for the interface. Anyone care to explain this better than I?