Netscape DevEdge Redesigns As Standards Showcase

Wednesday February 12th, 2003

Bistronaut writes: "Netscape DevEdge has been redesigned to use CSS for layout. It has CSS menus (turn off JavaScript and try them!), multiple styles and (best of all) looks great." The Netscape Evangelism team have published a page all about the DevEdge redesign.

#32 silly text resizer

by mlefevre

Friday February 14th, 2003 9:39 AM

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generally cool, but the one thing I don't like is the text resizer. their resizer widget requires script, which some people have disabled, and the way it works means that IE and Mozilla/Netscape's own text-resizing doesn't work (IE's doesn't work at all because the font sizes are fixed, and resizing in gecko screws up the layout). I can see that it might be nice to enhance browser's resizing, but better to have simple sites where the browser's builtin stuff works, rather than have every web site out there doing their own thing so users have to download and figure out lots of different resizer widgets...