Netscape DevEdge Redesigns As Standards Showcase

Wednesday February 12th, 2003

Bistronaut writes: "Netscape DevEdge has been redesigned to use CSS for layout. It has CSS menus (turn off JavaScript and try them!), multiple styles and (best of all) looks great." The Netscape Evangelism team have published a page all about the DevEdge redesign.

#28 Re: If it validated strict I'd be much more impres

by kberk <>

Thursday February 13th, 2003 9:13 PM

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Sorry this was so negative. Clearly there was quite a bit of work invovled in the site redesign. It is impressive that you got rid of all the table based layout and replaced it with stylesheets. I don't envy you the number of hours it must have taken to undertake the effort.

I guess I was just a bit surprised that you went so far, but did not go strict. I'm curious about what restrictions prevented you from using the strict DTD?