Netscape DevEdge Redesigns As Standards Showcase

Wednesday February 12th, 2003

Bistronaut writes: "Netscape DevEdge has been redesigned to use CSS for layout. It has CSS menus (turn off JavaScript and try them!), multiple styles and (best of all) looks great." The Netscape Evangelism team have published a page all about the DevEdge redesign.

#14 Why use XHTML?

by rdc

Thursday February 13th, 2003 9:59 AM

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I think the better reason is to ask yourself why you would want to use XHTML. XHTML is not supported in Internet Explorer unless you serve it as text/html. Content-type text/html invokes the HTML parser in Mozilla and you do not really get the benefits of XHTML because of that.

Since XHTML as it is currently used on the web is really just HTML and not XML or XHTML, you up seeing pages like <> where he uses SGML comments to hide CSS Rules from downlevel browsers. That is fine if your page is served as text/html, however it will break Mozilla / Netscape-Gecko if you serve the page as text/xml or application/xhtml+xml. This same error has been evident on the W3C pages as well.

I think that the current state of the web is that XHTML is useful as a namespace in XML documents and can be reasonably be accessed by Mozilla / Netscape Gecko however XHTML as text/html is just being "cool' with no benefit.