Full Article Attached Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Wednesday 29th January 2003

Wednesday February 12th, 2003

Gervase Markham has posted the minutes of the staff meeting of Wednesday 29th January 2003 to netscape.public.mozilla.seamonkey. Issues discussed at the meeting include the direction of the project, communication between staff members, the status of the project, if the builds constitute a de facto distribution, legal issues surrounding the Chimera name and the mozdev donations drive. Under current plans, the minutes of future weekly meetings will also be posted to the newsgroups.

#1 Break away!

by oconnorcjo

Wednesday February 12th, 2003 10:11 AM

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If developers are afraid to break things, It becomes difficult to make *fundamental* improvements in the code so I say "break it!". That is what us testers are for. And if releases are not better and they don't come out every six months- big deal. Another idea is to start a 2.0 developement branch in which Big changes are made and state that 2.0 will take a year or so to come out. Have 1.X nightlies and 2pre nightlies. Shift most development away from 1.X (it really is a good browser and should really be in "maintenance mode") and start plugging away at REAL new code!