Andy Ihnatko of Chicago Sun-Times Still Prefers Mozilla

Tuesday February 11th, 2003

Prognathous is back, this time with a link to an article at the Chicago Sun-Times entitled Mozilla still champ when it comes to stopping popups. In this report, columnist Andy Ihnatko goes in search of third-party enhancements to make Internet Explorer competitive with Mozilla and, to a lesser extent, Opera, Chimera and Safari. While Ihnatko largely succeeds in his mission, he concludes that he still likes Mozilla better.

#3 Security comparison out of whack

by SubtleRebel <>

Tuesday February 11th, 2003 7:30 PM

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" The only thing that can't be fixed about Explorer is the existence of security holes that can allow no-goodniks to wreak havoc on your PC. I don't blame Microsoft for the fact that they exist. Even Mozilla has had such holes, and like the Mozilla community, Microsoft has issued free patches reasonably quickly. "

First of all, AFAIK, Mozilla has never had "such holes" as exist in Internet Explorer.

Secondly, Microsoft still has yet to provide patches for some IE holes that have been around for months and months; the Mozilla developers are much quicker to eliminate serious security issues.