Mozilla 1.3 Beta Going Live as We Speak

Monday February 10th, 2003

Asa Dotzler writes: " has released Mozilla 1.3beta. New in 1.3 Beta are improvements to the Mozilla junk-mail controls for automatic filtering of spam, an editable about:config page for tweaking just about every pref that Mozilla offers, image auto-sizing, dynamic profile switching and more. The latest release can be downloaded from the Mozilla Releases page and more on what's new can be found at the release notes. This release also marks the end of the Mac OS X CFM builds which have been replaced by the new Mach-O builds."

#81 Re: What happened...

by Tar

Wednesday February 12th, 2003 3:05 AM

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Well... in this case 103354 <> should have been WONTFIXed because it's just plain stupid to rip out perfectly good functionality and make people angry.

Put the Close Tab on top and Close Other Tabs on bottom and be done with it if some people don't bother to look what they click at. Let's take File menu for example: Work Offline is next to Exit - OMFG that's huge dataloss right there, View menu: Stop next to Reload 8| whaaa?!?! ahhh... what's the point...

I haven't familiarized myself with the art of making patches for Mozilla CVS yet, but every time I down the nightly I run its .jars through 9+ .diffs to make Mozilla usable from a 10-finger system users point of view (thanks for the easy customizability at least), by-default usability my ass...

And what good would a patch do if even the simplest things can't get a commited? <>

Don't get me wrong, I thank every single Mozilla developer for their efforts but sometimes there are these annoying conflicts of interest :(