Mozilla 1.3 Beta Going Live as We Speak

Monday February 10th, 2003

Asa Dotzler writes: " has released Mozilla 1.3beta. New in 1.3 Beta are improvements to the Mozilla junk-mail controls for automatic filtering of spam, an editable about:config page for tweaking just about every pref that Mozilla offers, image auto-sizing, dynamic profile switching and more. The latest release can be downloaded from the Mozilla Releases page and more on what's new can be found at the release notes. This release also marks the end of the Mac OS X CFM builds which have been replaced by the new Mach-O builds."

#80 Re: Clean it up.

by bzbarsky

Wednesday February 12th, 2003 1:26 AM

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The people working on the layout engine (all 7 or so of them) are in the process of doing just that. The silence that accompanies this effort is very impressive. Do the release notes mention any of the excellent work David Baron did to rip out tons of incorrect shrink-wrapping code? No. Do they mention the work Robert O'Callahan was doing? No. Do they mention Chris Karnaze's cleanup of fixed-position layout, especially in printing? No. Do they mention Brian Ryner's merge of layout and content (dropping over 100KB of compiled code size at a blow) and deCOMtamination of nsIStyleContext? No.

The release notes list whatever is perceived as "whiz-bang new shit". Work on improving core layout architecture is not perceived that way (and realistically, how many people reading the release notes care about the exact linking of libraries and the exact algorithms used for sizing floats?).