Mozilla 1.3 Beta Going Live as We Speak

Monday February 10th, 2003

Asa Dotzler writes: " has released Mozilla 1.3beta. New in 1.3 Beta are improvements to the Mozilla junk-mail controls for automatic filtering of spam, an editable about:config page for tweaking just about every pref that Mozilla offers, image auto-sizing, dynamic profile switching and more. The latest release can be downloaded from the Mozilla Releases page and more on what's new can be found at the release notes. This release also marks the end of the Mac OS X CFM builds which have been replaced by the new Mach-O builds."

#69 What happened...

by jveaton

Tuesday February 11th, 2003 10:34 PM

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I hope there is some easier way to restore this feature, at least as an option. I do a lot of laptop research on the web and found the feature a real timesaver for following paths (the folks at Opera must have felt the same way & have included the feature) It appears (from the link TAR provided) that the feature was removed from Mozilla because several users would inadvertently close other tabs rather than close the active tab, a problem I can understand but never had. On the other hand, one solution proposed -- clicking the "x"on the tab bar to sequentially close windows -- has always been a problem for me: as I move the mouse pointer from the bottom of the page toward my target, I tend to move past it and hit the "x" on title bar - shutting down the entire program. So, restoring the choice would allow us to pick the solution that minimizes our pointer problems - a significant benefit. Rather than eliminate the feature, it would be niftier if one could restore a set of tabs easily (perhaps it can be done & I don't know it) -- something equivalent, on the fly to the "start where I left off" feature in Opera.