Mozilla 1.3 Beta Going Live as We Speak

Monday February 10th, 2003

Asa Dotzler writes: " has released Mozilla 1.3beta. New in 1.3 Beta are improvements to the Mozilla junk-mail controls for automatic filtering of spam, an editable about:config page for tweaking just about every pref that Mozilla offers, image auto-sizing, dynamic profile switching and more. The latest release can be downloaded from the Mozilla Releases page and more on what's new can be found at the release notes. This release also marks the end of the Mac OS X CFM builds which have been replaced by the new Mach-O builds."

#63 Thanks to whoever improved the location bar

by PaulB <>

Tuesday February 11th, 2003 7:51 PM

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I know many do not like the way you now select the URL. Before if I wanted to select part of a url, to correct an improperly typed url, or to move to another directory on the server, the way the selection worked I often ended up several times selecting the entire url and had to try again. Now I can easily select all or just a part of the url.

I hope this "improved" way of selecting a url remains in Mozilla. If, as some users desire, we go back to the previous selection method, could this be done with a preference. Please let the user decide this one. For me the Location bar's levele of usability has increased 100%. For others the way the selection method is now set, the usability has decreased.

I love the way the location bar now selects one word with two clicks; others hate it. I hope both methods are included with a preference setting.