Progress and Future of Mozilla the Application Suite

Thursday February 6th, 2003

The latest Status Update is all about the progress and future of the Mozilla application suite. Featuring a summary of the improvements since Mozilla 1.0, the update also details the planned work that will be completed over the next few months and outlines some possibilities for the future.

#60 no, no. it's you who doesn't get it.

by pbreit

Saturday February 8th, 2003 7:33 PM

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No, no. You're missing the point entirely. It's not re-allocating x and y all to the browser. It's the simple concept of significantly smaller scope. There is all sorts of bloat in the code, management, bug reporting, projects, etc., etc. that has both slowed the whole thing down and produced the convolution we call Mozilla. The importance of focus really cannot be exagerated. If someone at AOL or Netscape or whatever felt it was necessary to create a mail client, news, compose, chat, etc. that is (sort of) fine. Just don't put them under the Mozilla umbrella. The browser is hard enough. Don't make matters worse by including all sorts of unrelated, equally difficult to develop components.

I really don't know why this is so hard to understand.