Progress and Future of Mozilla the Application Suite

Thursday February 6th, 2003

The latest Status Update is all about the progress and future of the Mozilla application suite. Featuring a summary of the improvements since Mozilla 1.0, the update also details the planned work that will be completed over the next few months and outlines some possibilities for the future.

#116 Re: no, no. it's you who doesn't get it.

by bamm <>

Tuesday February 11th, 2003 12:35 AM

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"If someone at AOL or Netscape or whatever felt it was necessary to create a mail client, news, compose, chat, etc. that is (sort of) fine."

But that's exactly what happened. Someone thought of creating chatzilla because it interested him, and it grew popular that people wanted it part of the suite, and it eventually did. Same story with multizilla and soon with calendar.

This is actually healthy for the community. Not like it is taking away focus, because people work on what interests them.