Progress and Future of Mozilla the Application Suite

Thursday February 6th, 2003

The latest Status Update is all about the progress and future of the Mozilla application suite. Featuring a summary of the improvements since Mozilla 1.0, the update also details the planned work that will be completed over the next few months and outlines some possibilities for the future.

#110 Re: Re: XHTML support in composer

by stu42j

Monday February 10th, 2003 2:55 PM

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I was going to ask, Which of these are free and WYSIWYG? Then I decided to do a little research myself.

The one that looked the best to me is Selida: <>

Web Dwarf also looks interesting (with SVG support). I'm not sure if it supports XHTML: <http://www.virtualmechani…/products/dwarf/info.html>

I haven't actually tried any of these programs though since I use Linux and mostly code by hand anyway but I sometimes have people ask me for a good, free, wysisyg html editor.

BTW, does anyone else have trouble viewing in Mozilla?