MozillaZine Readers Give Their Verdict on Safari

Sunday February 2nd, 2003

Last time, we asked you what you think about Apple's new KHTML-based Safari browser for Mac OS X. 1,979 readers shared their opinions with some interesting results. In a close call, 10% of you think that Safari is better than Chimera, while 11% believe it's not as good. Meanwhile, 23% want to know where the tabs are, reflecting the popularity of what many now see as an essential browser feature. A worrying 13% of you are sticking pins in your Hyatt voodoo dolls, perhaps suggesting that you're taking this all a little too seriously. Finally, 40% of you want one of Apple's new PowerBooks, which were also introduced at Macworld San Francisco. While this doesn't tell us whether the 17-inch or 12-inch model will be more popular, it does possibly indicate that many MozillaZine readers are largely apathetic towards Apple's new browser.

Our next poll was suggested by me (that's someone calling themselves 'me', not me as in the person writing this article). We want to know which of the components of the main Mozilla suite you use. Obviously we can't cover every possible combination, so pick the option that most closely matches your usage pattern. This poll also features the return of the 'telnet to port 80' option, which is back by popular demand. Get voting and keep watching the latest results to see what others think.

#9 Re: How do you figure?

by mlefevre

Monday February 3rd, 2003 11:40 AM

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make sense to me. that's the option I chose, and I would say I'm apathetic towards Safari. I don't have a Mac, but if someone wants to give me a powerbook, they look pretty cool to me.

having said that, it's true that you can't really draw the conclusion that all those 40% are apathetic. The other options don't make a lot of sense either - the poll presents them as exclusive options, but it's quite possible that several apply. I didn't think it was supposed to be a scientific poll, but if they're going to write up a report and conclusions on the polls, it would make sense to have the poll questions designed for the purpose. From that point of view, the new poll is slightly better...