Slow News Week

Wednesday December 23rd, 1998

We realize that there has been little news over the past few weeks, since Gecko's arrival. We promise that will change soon. The new cross-platform application (what will be the basis of the final browser) will make it into the builds soon, and we'll have the scoop on all kinds of new functionality as it arrives.

So don't fret. Check the status update (that I maintain) at, and follow along in the newsgroups and on IRC. Get involved in the conversation. Let the developers know you're out there. Download a nightly build, and play around. File a bug. File three. Bugzilla, Mozilla's bug-tracking service, is not only a great way to track bugs, it's also a great way to get better acquainted with who-is-programming-what at

Above all, don't change that dial - the transition to the new layout engine has kept the programmers busy at, but we'll be seeing the fruits of that labor soon. Hang tough.

Mozine Admin.

#6 Check this out!!!!!!

by Kosh

Friday December 25th, 1998 2:20 AM

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Check this out and if anyone knows how to do it please tell us!!!!! <>