ActiveState Komodo 2.3 Beta 1 Released

Thursday January 30th, 2003

salmo writes: "Komodo 2.3 Beta 1 was just released by ActiveState. Lots of interesting changes, including more robust project management." Komodo is a Mozilla-based integrated development environment (IDE) for open source languages.

Update! CNET has a review of the currently shipping Komodo 2.0.

#6 Re: A fine editor

by zreo2 <>

Friday January 31st, 2003 8:21 AM

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Well... well... It's back to Textpad on windows (haven't found a good editor yet for Linux that matches Textpads functionality).

It takes to long time to start and it's not fast enough to work in (I have a P3, 256mb). But I'm impressed with the handling of function code sequences and some other usefull functions. But an editor should be light and dont take a long time to start.