ActiveState Komodo 2.3 Beta 1 Released

Thursday January 30th, 2003

salmo writes: "Komodo 2.3 Beta 1 was just released by ActiveState. Lots of interesting changes, including more robust project management." Komodo is a Mozilla-based integrated development environment (IDE) for open source languages.

Update! CNET has a review of the currently shipping Komodo 2.0.

#25 On being an editor

by david_ascher <>

Monday February 3rd, 2003 10:59 PM

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First -- ooh, asa's a user! Cool!

Second -- While it's true that Komodo is more than "just" an editor, we do want it to be one of the best editors around. After all, we write in Komodo 10-12 hours a day, and we are very demanding of our editors. While Komodo will never compete with something like vi in terms of footprint, we do want to compete favorably for people who have the available memory and can get used to an "always on" environment, especially if they want something that's easier to extend than vi or emacs.

While we've done a lot to improve the editor in the recent releases, we still have plenty on our todo lists, such as making Komodo more 'pluginnable'. We already have customizable key bindings, very powerful code snippets, "run commands", etc., but we still want to make it possible -- and easy! -- for people to extend Komodo even further, using macros (in JavaScript, Python or Perl, at least for now =), as well as by adding new UI elements through XUL (presumably - that particular feature is still vaporware).

Finally -- some of the infrastructure that we've built in Komodo makes it easy to do "editor" features that would be much harder to implement otherwise. A good small example of that is the new "Show unsaved changes" feature in 2.3b1 -- it's only a few well-placed lines of XUL/JS, but leverages the integration with source code control to provide a diff of the file in the editor compared to the file on disk. I expect that we'll be able to add a lot of this kind of feature in the coming months.


-- David Ascher ActiveState