ActiveState Komodo 2.3 Beta 1 Released

Thursday January 30th, 2003

salmo writes: "Komodo 2.3 Beta 1 was just released by ActiveState. Lots of interesting changes, including more robust project management." Komodo is a Mozilla-based integrated development environment (IDE) for open source languages.

Update! CNET has a review of the currently shipping Komodo 2.0.

#17 Re: Any Unicode support?

by urichter <>

Friday January 31st, 2003 6:15 PM

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I've tested 2.0 after release and it had a bug with non-ASCII characters. For each non-ASCII character one character at end of line (or end of syntax highlighting bock) was not displayed. (but still present in text file.) This may be fixed by now, dont know. Beside that, character support is good. Several ISO/Windows character sets, UTF-8, UTF-16 little/big endian, DOS/Unix/Mac line endings...