ActiveState Komodo 2.3 Beta 1 Released

Thursday January 30th, 2003

salmo writes: "Komodo 2.3 Beta 1 was just released by ActiveState. Lots of interesting changes, including more robust project management." Komodo is a Mozilla-based integrated development environment (IDE) for open source languages.

Update! CNET has a review of the currently shipping Komodo 2.0.

#13 Re: Re: A fine editor

by asa <>

Friday January 31st, 2003 1:39 PM

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"But an editor should be light and dont take a long time to start."

I'm sorry if I gave the impression that this app should be judged as just "an editor". It certainly should not be. I happened to be looking for an editor and Komodo has as _one_ of its components a very capable editor. Komodo is an Integrated Development Environment. It's not just an editor and while it does contain an editor it's not fair to compare launch speed to other "just editors". I was comparing it to some other editors I've been testing out (some of them are also more than just editors) and Komodo fared well in usability and features. Because of tabs, I wasn't even bothered by the startup speed (about 6 seconds on my laptop) because I launch the app once and then use it all day long with various tabs for different tasks. Does notepad or gedit start a lot faster? Yes. Do either of them have the features that I need to work quickly? Nope.