MozillaZine Soliciting for Donations

Tuesday January 28th, 2003

David Boswell writes: "The site has been growing steadily since it was launched over two years ago and it is now the home for over 100 Mozilla application development projects. In order to make the site more reliable and responsive as it continues to grow, we are soliciting donations of money, time or spare computers (donations are not tax deductible yet but we are working on getting 501(c)(3) status). If you find to be a useful resource for the Mozilla community, please visit our donations page or email for more information about how you can help."

#4 Re: What a funny coincidence

by GuruJ

Tuesday January 28th, 2003 8:11 PM

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There was a discussion on MozDev on whether donations should be able to be given directly to projects, but in the end it was decided that MozDev, as the main supporting organism, should get the support.

After all, if MozDev disappeared, probably *the* most valuable place to get exposure for your extensions to the Mozilla browser would be gone.