Ten Things Phoenix is Better at Than Mozilla

Monday January 27th, 2003

rizzo sent us a link to an article at vbRad that gives one user's opinion of why Phoenix is better than Mozilla.

#45 Too bad context menus are broken

by brianmurphy

Wednesday January 29th, 2003 2:13 PM

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I always hit the right mouse button to go back. It seems like almost half of the time some text might be selected, the mouse pointer is over an image, etc, so the context menu doesn't display the correct options. I have to move the mouse off of the image (sometimes hard to do when viewing screenshots or pages with lots of images) or I have to left click in the viewport several times to deselect the text. Deselecting text is the most annoying because it usually takes at least 3 clicks. 1 click closes the context menu. The second click is interpreted as a double-click, so some other text is usually highlighted. A third click to get rid of the new highlight. This is an area where Netscape 4.x shines over mozilla.