Ten Things Phoenix is Better at Than Mozilla

Monday January 27th, 2003

rizzo sent us a link to an article at vbRad that gives one user's opinion of why Phoenix is better than Mozilla.

#36 I Dun Totally Agree

by gigsvoo

Tuesday January 28th, 2003 6:57 PM

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Both Mozilla and Phoenix using Gecko? It is is rely on the bottom quality thing, should not only see the surface features... IE users will laugh at us.

Furthermore why wouldn't Mozilla try to fix the lousy printing problem? Look at IE with the great printing problem...

Personally I use Mozilla running in Linux. I dispute MS software on their vulnerable and tired to get sick when have to lock down my box to keep virii and hackers out of the yard. If Mozilla does a good enhancement think printing support first... there are more important thing to fix rather than doing some eye candy stuff.