Ten Things Phoenix is Better at Than Mozilla

Monday January 27th, 2003

rizzo sent us a link to an article at vbRad that gives one user's opinion of why Phoenix is better than Mozilla.

#29 Re: Re: Mozilla/NN7.x will have custom toolbars

by ezh <>

Tuesday January 28th, 2003 11:36 AM

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I do not believe it will be in next Netscape 7.1(?) release. I believe they branch from Mozilla 1.3 and the time for new features is out.

I also believe they must release a branded release every 2 mozilla milestones, not 3, since mozilla is getting better and better and I cannot offer my clients all the benefits Mozilla already has againts NN7.01. :(

So I bet it will be in mozilla 1.4xxxx and in Netscape 7.2(?).