Ten Things Phoenix is Better at Than Mozilla

Monday January 27th, 2003

rizzo sent us a link to an article at vbRad that gives one user's opinion of why Phoenix is better than Mozilla.

#13 You're right

by leafdigital

Tuesday January 28th, 2003 3:49 AM

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It's one of those cases where people *think* they're being more efficent, when actually they are being less efficient. Larger icons are clearly helpful.

(Sure, if you always use keys or mouse buttons and don't use icons at all then it's not a problem - in that case turn them off altogether, don't go for stupid ones that are too small to easily click anyhow.)

There are lots of other cases of the same thing: for instance, people often *think* that a Web page that doesn't fill their browser width is 'wasting' screen space, when in fact the chances are good that the page uses an appropriate text column width, thus making it easier to read.

So, yes the ability to put menu on same line as toolbar is a gimmick, but hey, it pleases some people who think they're making their life easier when in fact they're making it harder - fine. More importantly, the ability to control toolbar in general *is* useful. And actually, even the menu positioning - I can see it might be kind of cool to have the bookmarks bar/personal toolbar on the same line as the menu, that would save space without a particular cost.

In other words, though putting everything on one line is pretty foolish, the ability to control toolbars is very good and I hope that moves over to Mozilla (looks like it will; good).

Also re status bar he's absolutely right - the 'online' icon is useless in browser, should be removed at least by default. And there's no real need to show broken padlock all the time, closed padlock would do. The application icons aren't needed, they're unclear and really tiny anyhow - better to use the Tools menu. Again, I hope these lessons are learnt in Mozilla.