New Netscape 7.01 Base Installer for Windows

Monday January 27th, 2003

Bryan Wellander wrote in to tell us about the new Netscape 7.01 Base Installer for Windows. This streamlined version of Netscape 7.01 — which at 13.8MB is less than half the size of the full installer — features only Navigator, Mail & Newsgroups, Instant Messenger, Spell Checker, Quality Feedback Agent, AOL ART Extensions, Macromedia Flash Player, HP Printer Identifier plug-in, the Classic theme and the Canadian region pack. Currently only available in US English, the base installer does not feature components such as the Sun Java Runtime Environment or Viewpoint Media Player. The standard net installer, which downloads only the components you specify, still offers the most flexible option but this does require you to be online during installation. The base installer can be downloaded only from Netscape's FTP site, where it goes by the name NS701base.exe.

#1 Three years too late...

by MozSaidAloha

Monday January 27th, 2003 4:22 PM

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I am wondering, why didn't NS do this when NS6 debuted in 2000? It sure would have saved a lot of hell, if you get my drift.