MozillaZine Channel Now Available on My Netscape!

Tuesday December 22nd, 1998

For those of you who use the My Netscape custom homepage, we have a treat for you. Seth Spitzer from Netscape has set up a mozillaZine channel that you can add to your My Netscape page right now (in advance of the general release). This channel isn't like the "Push" channels of Netcaster. It culls the latest headlines from mozillaZine and and places them (with links to the news items) within a box on your My Netscape page. To see the channel -- and add it to your page, if you wish -- click HERE.

#6 Re:MozillaZine Channel Now Available on My Netscap

by Vicente Salvador

Thursday December 24th, 1998 5:50 AM

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It's fine because we can get all mozilla news without visit every hour your pages!