MozillaZine Interviews Eric Meyer

Saturday January 25th, 2003 has an interview with Eric Meyer, who works as a Standards Evangelist for Netscape. Eric has written many books and articles about Web standards, runs his own weblog and regularly contributes to Netscape DevEdge. The interview concentrates on CSS and features a healthy amount of plugs for Eric's latest book, Eric Meyer on CSS.

#16 Re: Re: Re: Re: Really?

by bzbarsky

Sunday January 26th, 2003 10:04 PM

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> In my opinion, this would be styled similarly to a <span>... a 10px blace border around a black area 100px wide

You mean 120px wide, no? If I set the padding to 0, should that mean that the border is right next to the test? With the above style rules, what should happen when the button is clicked (try it in Mozilla?)

> but I think those people would be in the extreme minority

On the contrary, I think they would be quite common (as evidenced by the fact that there have been bug requests for it and the fact that that's what some tookits mean by a "button border").

In any case, the problem is that both renderings are OK per the CSS2 spec.

> Likewise, the border of a radio button or checkbox would be the beveled edges and the background would be the > "hole".

It's not clear that this makes sense either (and some UAs implement the border as a border _around the bevel and the background as the space between the bevel and the border). Again, both renderings are fine per the CSS spec.

> An <input type="file"> would be the only one that I couldn't see styles working with as they're currently written.

<select>. No way to style the dropdown; no way to style the little drop-button, etc, etc.

> UAs that use native widgets wouldn't be able to do that stuff, but they also wouldn't be able to place a positioned > <div>

Why not? It is my understanding that doing what you describe with a positioned div is quite possible on the Mac with native form controls (though NS4 may not do it, of course, being NS4). Yeah, it may not be possible on Windows, but why should MacIE or Chimera or Safari developers and users be punished for the drawbacks of Windows?