MozillaZine Interviews Eric Meyer

Saturday January 25th, 2003 has an interview with Eric Meyer, who works as a Standards Evangelist for Netscape. Eric has written many books and articles about Web standards, runs his own weblog and regularly contributes to Netscape DevEdge. The interview concentrates on CSS and features a healthy amount of plugs for Eric's latest book, Eric Meyer on CSS.

#14 Re: Re: Really?

by bzbarsky

Sunday January 26th, 2003 7:15 PM

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> The fact that there are differences between browsers is in itself not a reason to dismiss the standard.

Of course not. The reason to dismiss it is that those differences are all allowed by the standard. That makes the standard ridiculously ambiguous, hence useless.

Here's a simple question. What is the expected rendering (and why) of:

<input type="button" style="width: 100px; border: 10px solid black, padding: 10px; background: black; color: white" value="Test">